Download Morom Enajori Bihu Assamese Song Lyrics | Neel Akash | Biman Barua

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Song – Morom Enajori.

Singer – Neel Akash.

Composer/Lyricist – Biman Barua.

O morom enajori oi…

Nisingiba lahori oi…

O jouban juie kolija khai.

Moromor moina oi

Tumalukor ghoroloi

(Tumalukor ghoroloi),

Hothat edin ulamgoi

Hothat edin ulamgoi moi.

Maa deutai hudhibo

Ahisa kak bisari

(Ahisa kak bisari),

Dim ne baru tumar naam

Dim ne baru tumar naam koi.

Oi moromor senai oi

Ahiba ne hosakoi

(Ahiba ne hosakoi),

Podulit thakim tumaloi

Podulit thakim tumaloi roi.

Oi kesa kesa alite

Khuj diba bhalekoi

(Khuj diba bhalekoi),

Oi kakhot ase boholkoi

Kakhot ase boholkoi noi.

Oi moromor moina oi

Dukhor rati nupuai oi

(Dukhor rati nupuai oi),

Thaku bisonat garuti

Thaku bisonat garuti loi.

Moromor moina oi

Silimili tuponit oi

(Silimili tuponit oi),

Tumak dekhu hopunote

Tumak dekhu hopunote oi.

Oi moromor moina oi

Beli dube poshimot goi

(Beli dube poshimot goi),

Puai ulabo akhare

Puai ulabo akhar rengoni loi.

Moromor moina oi

Phul phule bokhontot oi

(Phul phule bokhontot oi),

E joubon jage dehote

Joubon jage behote oi.

Oi moromor senai oi

Moromor bihuan loi

(Moromor bihuan loi),

Oi aasu baat sai tumale

Aasu baat sai tumale oi.

Oi moromor senai oi

Din jai bagori oi

(Din jai bagori oi),

Oi homoiote mara hor

Homoiote mara hor oi.

Oi moromor moina oi

Kisim kisim bhabonai oi

(Kisim kisim bhabonai oi),

Dhore muk hesamari

Dhore muk hesamari oi.

Moromor moina oi

Nejai nu bhaat petoloi

(Nejai nu bhaat petoloi),

Bhugisu nirakhate

Bhugisu nirakhate oi.

(Bhugisu nirakhate

Bhugisu nirakhate oi)…

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