Download Tu Tu Tu Agwi Sona Bodo song lyrics

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Tu Tu Tu Agwi Sona Bodo song is written and sung by Bikash Silent Brahma.

Singer and Lyrics : Bikash Silent Brahma

Tu Tu Tu Agwi Sona Bodo song lyrics 

Tu Tu Tu Agwi Sona

Thudwlwi thudw sona mainao

Langfathargwn ang nwngkhwo karbialongao

Langfathargwn ang nwngkhwo lamding raijwao

Awi lamding raijwao

Hazarkhwi sari gana barakhi blouse gana - 2

Sinai khaby ang nwngkhwo Boro hwnnanwi

Mwnthikhaby ang nwngkhwo Boro hwnnanwi

Hwi Boro hwnnanwi

Fakhwra sikhwra do khwna gannanwi

Gwmw Gwthang bathogangni faswra jwmnanwi

Sari sari hajw hala, lari lari dwima dwisa

Besedi somaigwn Jwngni raijwa

Besedi somaithardwng Jwngni hadorao

Nwngkhwo Jwngni hadwrao

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