Top 5 Best Assamese Keyboard For Pc

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Assamese Keyboard For Pc

Are you looking for Best Assamese Typing Software for PC ? Then you are in the right article.In this article we will give you proper instructions to type Assamese on your Windows computer.You can write more quickly and efficiently with the help of a excellent keyboard which is listed in this article.In this article We discussed about the top Assamese typing keyboard name for computers .

The Assamese language is an Indo-Aryan language that is spoken by the residents of the northeastern Indian specially in  Assam state.

The problem of typing in Assamese on a computer or laptop was experienced by many people.Because there are multiple Assamese typing apps for smartphones but there aren't many software options for laptops or PC

I have personally tried most of the Assamese keyboards that are available online, but I have realized that these four are the best of all of them. -

1.XOBDO-Assamese Keyboard For PC (Assamese Phonetic Keyboard version 4.0)

XOBDO-Assamese Keyboard For PC

Assamese Phonetic Keyboard version 4.0 (Popularly know as "XOBDO-Keyboard") is a best Assamese typing keyboard for PC.You can use this keyboard for free.Xobdo is a Assamese Phonetic Keyboard for Windows 7 & Windows 8.

How to download XOBDO-Assamese Keyboard

Step1 - Go to

Step2 - Then Click on the " Download the Assamese Phonetic Keyboard version 4.0 "

Step3 - Your file will download automatically in .zip format. 

2. Lipikaar Assamese Typing Software for PC (Computer Assamese Keyboard)

Computer Assamese Keyboard

Another great Assamese keyboard for Windows and Android devices is Lipilaar.Lipikaar is an easy-to-use typing software for all Indian languages.Using the Lipikaar Assamese Keyboard, you can compose emails, post on Facebook, send WhatsApp messages, and write notes in Assamese.For Windows and Android-based devices, this app enables users to text in Assamese using a regular English keyboard.Lipikaar also supports Bengali, Gujarati, Tamil, Punjabi, Kannada, and other languages in addition to Assamese.This assamese typing software can be downloaded for a free 3-day trial.To continue using their service beyond 3 days, you must purchase this keyboard.

Features of the Assamese typing software Lipikaar

  • At the time of its release, it was the only tool in the world that supported more than 15 languages.
  • Simple and user-friendly Assamese keyboard
  • Features of the Assamese typing 
  • You can type in Assamese on Microsoft applications, including Word documents, PowerPoint presentations, Excel spreadsheets, and Assamese email composition.
  • The Lipikar keyboard makes it easier to type in Assamese  accurately. With the help of  Lipikaar Assamese keyboard you can type difficult Assamese words quickly and simply.
  • It gives users complete control over assamese typing and is designed to be used for professional tasks. Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, or Windows 10 are all supported.

3.Ramdhenu Plus, Assamese Typing Software With Spell checker (Assamese keyboard for windows 10)

Assamese keyboard for windows 10

Ramdhenu Plus - which includes Assamese spell checker for Gitanjali fonts which is the first and only professional automatic spell checker for Assamese language. It is also free to run in Unicode, those who do not know how to type Assamese can now easily type Assamese in two minutes with smart phonetic keyword layout.

Most of the fonts are supported by the RamdhenuPlus Assamese Typing software, which is mostly used for Bengali, Hindi, and Assamese typing. A Assamese spell checker is also included. To obtain this software in full professional form, you must pay a fee.

4.Lachit Assamese Keyboard

Lachit Assamese Keyboard

The Lachit Assamese keyboard's a very well feature is that the letters are simple to locate and that you may quickly enter Assamese by using the English key.The most of the Assamese keyboards that are available online missing these features, and when you use them for typing, you often have to touch a key two or three times before you find an Assamese letter.

How to download Lachit-Assamese Keyboard

Step1 - Go to

Step2 - Then Click on the " Download For Windows"

Step3 - Your file will download automatically in .exe format. 

5.Rodali Assamese Keyboard

Rodali Assamese Keyboard

The most widely used Assamese keyboard, it can be used on both computers and mobile devices. By adjusting the keyboard settings, you can choose to use the Inscript technique, which is supported. You can enter English words here to have them translated into Assamese. Therefore, don't worry if you don't speak Assamese. due to the ease with which this programme will translate English words into Assamese.

The Rodali application is created by Socity of Language Technology Department (SLTD) Assam. There are two versions available of this application. one is 34 bit and another one 64. You can easily download this software from SLTD official website.

How to download Rodali -Assamese Keyboard

Step1 - Go to

Step2 - Then Click on the " Download For Windows"

Step3 - Your file will download automatically in .exe format. 

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